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Partying with the Macbook Air

Benjamin Lichtenwalner, 0 Comments

It's 9:30 PM, Saturday night. I am at a swanky New Haven, Connecticut party. The condo building is a an old industrial structure renovated into a hip urban, contemporary, retro-industrial living space. The apartment comes complete with walls of mixed bare brick, drywall, exposed infrastructure, tasteful, artistic lighting and elegant furniture.

My wife and I are here to celebrate a dear friend's birthday. We're surrounded by terrific people, good friends and a fantastic live band. Then I spotted it, the husband's gift to the birthday girl- a MacBook Air. I hadn't seen one up close and personal yet. "Can I play with it?" I asked, mumbling under my breath that she knows I am the "computer geek in the room". She laughs and agrees.

So here I sit in the corner of a dimly lit, great place surrounded by good people, music and food and I am blogging away on the new machine... this is bad. But, that said, I had to tell you all about this slick machine. It is well designed, I like the button response, the weight, display and sleek lines. In classic Apple fashion, it is a terrific combination of art and function. The only negative is the super-small keypad. There are a few too little function keys for my taste, but that's a minor price to pay for such a cool machine.

Okay, enough from me now. I need to get back to visiting with some great folks before everyone starts pointing and laughing at me. Oh yeah, and by the way, Happy Birthday Ayana!

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